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3 February
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I'm eating a potato.

And it's goooood.
4-string, a clockwork orange, a great book, accents, afi, animal instinct, annoying sappy couples, anthony keidis, anthropology, archeology, astrophysics, at the drive in, baking, bass, bean sprouts, beautiful places, beck, beethoven, ben gibbard, best friends, big rip, birds, black francis, blink 182, boo-boo, broken social scene, bruce springsteen, built to spill, by the way, californication, carbon leaf, chemistry, cool clothes, culture, dansir, depeche mode, dinosaur jr, donnie darko, doolittle, eccentric makeup, echo and the bunnymen, echoes, elliott smith, eric clapton, evolution, fatboy slim, flaming lips, flea, food, friends, genetics, guys, hair that smells good, history, human emotion, incubus, intelligence, international noise conspiracy, interpol, iron and wine, isaac newton, kim deal, lamarck and darwin contradicting, life, long hair, long political discussions, loophole dimensions, love, maoris, mars volta, mary, mind-boggling information, mothers milk, mudhoney, multiverses, music, musical instruments...music., nature, new order, new zealand, nirvana, not florida!, nyc, ornithology, oskar klein, phili, pink floyd, politics, portland, potatoes, quantum theory, r.e.m., radiohead, realms, reel big fish, rhcp, science, scott, seattle, socialogy, sonic youth, species formation, surfer rosa, tears for fears, the arcade fire, the beatles, the blueshift, the clash, the cranberries, the cure, the decemberists, the flaming lips, the kinks, the low e-string, the mars volta, the pixies, the postal service, the smiths, the wall, theories about life, things that play music, thom yorke, traveling, tv on the radio, tyra, vegan, water, what you like, what you love, who you are, wilco, you